Kindness Day 2

Last night I slept like I haven’t in ages. I believe that this was caused by exhaustion and by a physical response to my decision to embrace Kindness. I wrote yesterday about how making such an important decision was affecting me. My inner peace was immediately shattered by the tragedy in Buffalo, NY but I consciously shut out all the angry responses that tried to force their way through my calm and peace.

Kindness is deserved, but must also be earned. I cannot bring myself to offer Kindness to the terrorist in Buffalo. His actions aren’t deserving. Perhaps this isn’t the totally encompassing Kindness that sone envision, but it works for me at this early stage of my journey.

I can only offer Kindness and Compassion to those injured, and to the families of those killed yesterday. I also support direct action to limit the availability of guns , and sadly, the lack of availability of mental health care to try to prevent these senseless tragedies. What I’ve learned through my study of Kindness is that is an internal and external action. First, we must learn to be kind to ourselves, and then to others. Second is the extension of Kindness to others when it is a genuine extension of ourselves. If we aren’t kind to ourselves it is dishonest and disingenuous to practice it towards others.

I’m learning to approach obstacles in my life differently than before. I look for any positive aspects I can find, and if it proves difficult, I set the problem aside and try again later. Inevitably a solution is found without all the worry and anger I used to experience. I’ve finally understood that the anger ruled me in the past, and that affected my decisions. Now I see things through a different filter, and my outlook has changed for the better.

And so, on day 2 on my journey to Kindness, I wish everyone the very best and peace and safety to us all. Love one another to the greatest extent you can, and try to do even better tomorrow.