Adios, Twitter

I deactivated my Twitter account. Deactivating is the first step in deleting my account, a 30-day process that mirrors the process for deleting a Facebook account. I deleted the app from my phone, tablet, and laptop to avoid “accidentally” logging on within that 30-day window since that would somehow indicate that I truly didn’t mean to deactivate my account in the first place. I decided it was time for me to disassociate myself from the cesspool that is Twitter. Things will only get worse after Elon Musk takes over and unleashes the forces of hatred without constraints.

I tried for years to enjoy Twitter, but it became more and more difficult to avoid the toxic atmosphere that had been created there. Twitter became a master instead of a servant. The constant arguing, the screaming without listening, they finally got to me. The choices were bleak; OBE could either argue continuously or isolate within a self-reinforcing thought bubble where everyone agreed, and violently opposed anyone who differed.

I realized that there was no choice for me but to sign off for good. My personal sanity and mental health are too important to me. I want to use the internet for good, to meet interesting people from all over the world, and to practice my own personal philosophy of kindness and compassion to others. Not everyone is equally deserving of my compassion and kindness, but they prove that by their own actions. They are the same people who ruined Twitter for me.

I have no regrets about leaving Twitter in the past. My life goes on, and I am the captain of my own ship on this journey.

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