Getting Started Again

I fell off the writing bandwagon again. There was so much going on around here that I felt overwhelmed. I tackled each crisis as it arose, and then moved on to the next one. I thought that the chaos would never stop, but of course it eventually did.

Not everything that happened was negative or unpleasant. One of the most important things I did was taking charge of my personal finances. I adjusted my savings and found sone more reliable options to protect myself. Naturally, moving money around is stressful but it was long overdue since I’m not working anymore.

My old job contacted me at last and wanted me to return their laptop. I wasn’t surprised, I had it in a box ready to return when they asked for it. The only surprise is that it took them over a year to get around to asking. The most convenient and reliable option was to take the laptop to the company’s east coast center in Norfolk, VA.

I hadn’t been to Norfolk since I left the Navy over twenty years ago. I swore at that time I would never go back there again, but the situation required it. Hal went with me as I dropped off the laptop and met with one of my former coworkers for dinner. Actually, it turned out to be a pleasant trip, but I don’t plan to go back.

The other major event was with Hal The Cat (HTC), not Hal my partner, HTC had a big tumor removed about a month ago that turned out to be Mast Cell Disease. Thankfully it wasn’t cancerous. The vet put HTC on steroids to try and treat him, but small bumps started growing again. We had to take HTC to an Oncologist in Richmond for treatment because she had performed the initial surgery. She put HTC on a monthly chemotherapy treatment and we’ll monitor him closely.

On top of the things I already mentioned, the car started acting up. It’s an old car, so we’re looking at a new vehicle in the near future. Not something that we planned for this time, but better to start looking while we know we can swing the process than wait until a time when we need to but can’t afford it. A new vehicle is more a matter of when rather than if right now. I have Car Shield coverage on the old vehicle until we trade it in, so we’re protected against major expenses.

Those are the highlights of things that kept me from writing. I hope that things will calm down and I can start writing again.