I got some much-needed good news when I visited my Endocrinologist on Friday. She advised me that I can start to really experiment with my medicine and insulin regimen to get my numbers back closer to normal. With all the tree pollen in the air, my glucose levels are fluctuating wildly. This happens to me every yea, but this is the first time that I have found an Endocrinologist who was willing to listen and help me make some adjustments to get things right again.

Obviously, part of this is on me about my diet. It turns out that I was overmedicating myself and that made me eat more. The doctor advised that I cut back on my insulin dosage and then reduce eating, especially at night, to see what happens with my numbers. After a few days, I am noticing a big difference. It is amazing what happens when a doctor actually listens to a patient and doesn’t just give them stock speeches during a perfunctory exam every few months.

I hope that I can maintain this new routine permanently, but she said she trust me to maker the correct adjustments and to let her know when I do between visits.

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