The Waiting

With the proper credit to Tom Petty, the waiting, is indeed, the hardest part. I have say that after dropping my car off to get a new part that is so minor that it was difficult to find. Unfortunately, this part keeps my car from passing the state inspection, so I have to go through this waste of time and money.

Because the dealership is busy, there’s no concrete estimate on when my car will be ready. No matter, my first stop afterwards will be AAA, since they performed the inspection and can verify that the defective part has been replaced without having to pay for a new inspection where another bunch of “experts” can find yet another thing magically wrong.

I feel like I’m being exploited and I don’t like the feeling. My only goal is to escape the hell on earth also known as the customer lounge as quickly as possible. Now, it’s not like I’m missing time at work or anything, but I still think sitting around a place, surrounded by strangers who apparently haven’t heard about COVID judging by the lack of masks, is a complete waste of time.

At least Hal is with me. He decided to make the trip so I don’t lose my temper or anything like that. We brought medicine and plenty of hand wipes, in addition to both of us being the ONLY people here wearing masks. We’ve isolated ourselves away from the beds as much as possible, and we’ve gotten looks from the other people. I hope that we don’t catch anything and I honestly hope no one else here does either. But I will not risk my fragile health so carelessly.

So now it all comes down to the waiting , and the waiting is the hardest part.