The Little Things

The other day I asked Hal if he wanted to go anywhere. This is a normal occurrence around here, because I do like to get out when possible. Sometimes, Hal prefers staying here at home, I try to not act disappointed when he wants to stay home, sometimes I am more successful than others.

Anyway, Hal said that he wanted to go to Belk’s, a department store chain similar to Kohls. I took him and was surprised when he started asking me if I liked certain items. I am a fan of pullover hoodies, and before I knew it, Hal bought 4 of them for me! I was grateful, and also emotionally stunned because I never asked him for anything like that. When we walked out of the store, I thanked him. Hal looked at me and said “it’s my pleasure because I love you.”

It is the little things that make life special. I will treasure the 4 hoodies as long as I can. I always take good care of things to make them last as long as possible. I doubt, however, that the hoodies will last almost 23 years, because that is how long Hal and I have been in love and together.

Don’t take love for granted. Cherish every moment, especially the little things that are spontaneous and wonderful for bio reason at all.

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