Radio Days

I have always loved radio. In the digital age, with everything available via YouTube or streaming video, I often find myself just turning on a radio to enjoy entertainment and information without visual overload. I know that a part of this goes back to my Navy days when I worked extensively with radios and listening to the world and the people in it. In fact, I am listening to a station called RadioIQ as I typer this. RadioIQ is a service from Virginia Tech, NPR, BBC and Virginia Public Radio. Obviously this is not the wacky morning DJ type of station, but it suits my needs.

RadioIQ gives in-depth reporting on issues and provides stories and viewpoints that I cannot find anywhere else. I detest 15-second soundbite headlines that masquerade as real news. I enjoy hearing about things that I won’t see on the tv news. I am extremely wary of “talk” radio. I avoid those types of stations because they are ridiculously slanted and worthless to me since I want to expand my mind, not reinforce what I already think I know.

I know that most of the world enjoys extensive radio programming like RadioIQ, I hope that there are more stations and networks like this around this country. We need more independent media that counterbalances the mainstream media. Mainstream media only exists to serve their corporate masters and make profits. This practice influences reporting, especially what they report. A truly dangerous trend has grown over the last 40 years because the US abolished the “fairness doctrine”. In its place we now have mainstream media that treats basically stupid positions as valid points of view.

I just heard a story about Africa that will never make the national news here. The story came from the BBC, just another example of why I love RadioIQ. That story was preceded by a story about the passing of the author Jack Higgins. Radio, especially stations like RadioIQ, strive to be different, and I enjoy that.

There is something almost romantic about radio. I can envision things as I listen to them without the clutter of provided visuals. I can do other things rather than have my whole being occupied with watching the tv. I have never been able to use the TV as background noise like some people can.

I might be out of touch, but I am a digital man who loves the analog uniqueness of radio.

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