Health update

Recently, I attended a class designed to familiarize me with the inevitable processes of kidney dialysis that lurks in my future. I’m not looking forward to depending on dialysis, but I tried to treat the class as a learning experience.

My kidney disease became very apparent when I was in the hospital nearly two years ago. At one point, in a medically induced coma, I had what they called full-body dialysis, but I don’t remember any of it. I have no frame of reference.

At my last regular visit, the doctor told me that there are several alternative versions to the traditional method of dialysis. I’m glad to know that there are options that will work until the ultimate goal of a transplant can be achieved.

3 thoughts on “Health update

    1. Thankfully, dialysis isn’t happening immerdiately. It is something of an inevitability that I have come to terms with, as well as the potential long-term search for a kidney donor. Everything depends on the progression of kidney disease that I already have.

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