The Road to Kindness

Kindness is more than a word, kindness is a lifestyle and a choice we all can choose. A lifetime of being conditioned for aggression and instant gratification leads us away from this universal truth. Realizing that we are all connected gives perspective and meaning to existence from a new perspective.

Kindness begins when we realize we have a choice about how we live our lives. We can choose to stick to the narrow path that society wants everyone to follow, or we can venture off the path and explore the wonders all around us.

Kindness requires a strong e of self, and I don’t mean a super-sized ego. Kindness thrives with individuality more than anything else. Society will try to turn pseudo-kindness into something more important than it really is, and we call this religion. Being “kind” out of fear that sone fictional sky-being is watching over you is NOT true kindness because it is coerced, rather than flowing freely.

Each of us has opportunities to choose Kindness. We can make the choice everyday. Listen to the voice that says”It’s OK to be and feel different from everyone else. “ That is the first step on the road to Kindness.

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