Another Sunday

My day so far: Wake up, this is usually a good sign because it means I actually did get some sleep. Of course the alternatives are either I didn’t sleep and was awake all night, or I died.

Once I dealt with the ramifications of step one, I can move ahead to step two. Hal The Cat arrives to greet me, and that always improves my mood. So far, today seems promising enough.

I gingerly check my TL on Twitterrific to make sure that there isn’t any stupid crap I feel compelled to deal with. So far, so good.

Because I haven’t rolled out of bed yet, I check the current weather as well as the forecast. Today looks like a day when Hal (person) and I can get outside for awhile to break up the everyday routine.

I’m normally not a breakfast person, and this morning is no exception. I will probably take a nice, hot shower bro help clear my sinus congestion temporarily. I can relax and think as I shower.

Before I motivate myself out of bed, it’s worth mentioning that I recently vowed once again, to improve my life by taking small steps. I restricted my Twitter activity to interacting only with the handful of real people who interact with me. I’ve noticed a calming effect since then.

Alright, enough delay for now. I’m getting out of bed and taking that shower I mentioned earlier.

I took the time to refill my weekly medicine planner before my shower. The shower really opened up my sinuses for now. Hal (person) was awake when I got out of the shower, and we talked briefly about places we might go.

A quick breakfast, and then waiting for Hal to make up his mind about where we’ll go, and when we’ll leave.

I suppose no Sunday would be complete without a quick nap. Once we had our naps, we ventured out to the grocery store for a few necessities. There’s a chance we might head out again a bit later to check out a few other items. If we do that, I’m sure we’ll be finished for the rest of the day

Sunday evenings are usually quiet around here. In the morning, I have to take the car in for an oil change and annual safety inspection. After that, I’ve got some business at the credit union and that is what my Monday looks like as of now. I’ll try to get to bed early tonight, and I hope I sleep well.

Cutting back

I am always looking for ways to cut back on my expenses. Recently, I read a blog that mentioned WordPress was raising their prices yet again. I simply cannot afford them anymore except on the free plan. I canceled my premium plan before the renewal date.

I want to keep blogging, but it will have to be on a basic plan. Being on disability means a limited income. I’m just glad I saved myself the expense of another year of WordPress extortion that I really cannot afford.