First Day of Spring

The first day of Spring is behind us, and it was a busy day indeed. We took Hal The Cat to a veterinary oncologist for a check-up, and I’m happy to report that he is doing great, and the cyst we had removed doesn’t look malignant. He still has more minor bumps that we’ll treat with steroids for a start and see how that works.

Because the veterinary oncologist was in Richmond, that meant a long car ride for Hal The Cat. Hal (person) kept him company in the back seat while I drove. Hal The Cat behaved exceptionally well on that long trip and was no trouble in the doctor’s office. After his last visit with our local vet, his behavior was a pleasant surprise, where he “performed” and caused nothing but trouble.

The trip home was beautiful. Hal The Cat sat on the back seat with Hal (person) after letting him out to get some water and a quick snack. He curled up and went to sleep and never complained.

Accomplishing that task with Hal The Cat took a load off our minds. We will continue to care for him because he is loved so much. We are fortunate to have a fantastic buddy like Hal The Cat.

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