I’ve been busy

I haven’t written in a long time. I’ve been busy with life, and especially with my plans to start a podcast in 2022. As I’ve studied what I will need, and what steps I should take to have a successful podcast, I’ve realized what a lot of work goes into the process. As I struggle through a night with allergies exacerbated by no A/C in the apartment due to a faulty compressor, I decided to write about what has been happening.

I resolved to start a podcast in 2022 and directed my efforts towards that end. Rather than taking time each day to write, I would read articles or watch videos about how to start a podcast. There was so much more that I needed to learn. My writing skills would be needed to create scripts for podcasts because just talking and rambling on sounds terrible.

Because I’m a Mac user, I decided on GarageBand as my creating platform because it has almost every tool I would need to create a presentable podcast. So, I had to start, so I had to start learning all about GarageBand and how to use it.

GarageBand quickly taught me that I would need a better microphone than the one that was already built into the MacBook. Therefore, I researched microphones that weren’t outrageously expensive that I could afford.

Once all that was ready I faced the decision about a subject for my podcast, and my expectations for it. Once again, I dove into learning as much as I could. I discovered that there are several key secrets to starting and maintaining a podcast. The first was to decide on a subject.

I decided that my initial podcast was going to be about Star Trek. I selected that topic because I am always interested in the subject, and I can speak with a degree of knowledge. I knew that if I wanted to create subsequent podcasts on other subjects that the building blocks would be the same.

Every veteran podcaster advised me that I should not focus on how many listeners or subscribers I started out with. They stressed that I should make a podcast that I enjoyed creating. That passion and energy will attract followers in the long term, but the effort isn’t a race or a popularity contest.

Another consideration was what length would my podcast be. I settled on a 20-30 minute timeframe to start out. This is when I found out that I need to write an outline for the podcast, and then a script to guide me through it. I decided to work in five-minute blocks that focused on specific topics, and those blocks would be put together to form my podcast.

Of course almost two months had passed by this point. In February, I was making test recordings using GarageBand and learning how to edit them and improve their quality. By late February I felt confident enough to produce my first episode. I used a software app called BuzzSprout to format my podcast for publication on the web. BuzzSprout was easy to use, I just submitted my GarageBand recording and BuzzSprout helped me to submit my podcast to various platforms for publication. My first episode is still awaiting approval from Apple Podcasts because they apparently review each new podcast to make certain it meets their standards. Since mine contains no adult themes or language, I expect it to be approved but it has been more than three weeks and the podcast is still “pending” with Apple. I hope that it gains approval soon.

In the meantime, my first podcast is now available on Amazon Music, Podcast Addict, Podchaser, Deezer, and Podcast Index by searching for “Star Trek: Osarental.” I hope that the exposure increases when it is finally approved by Apple. I want to submit it through Google Podcasts, but that would involve a paid BuzzSprout account instead of the free account I have now.

I’m already working on ideas for my next episode, as well as ideas for a completely new podcast, but that’s still in the working stage.

I have missed writing here, but as you can see, I’ve been busy. I wish everyone a great today and a better tomorrow.

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