Another Trip Around the Sun

     Another trip around the sun is complete, and a new one begins. I’m officially 58 years old now. I don’t feel any different, at least not yet. 

     The first day of my new year begins early. Yesterday was great. Hal made things wonderful for me. The day started with the calendar entry about self-doubt

     The day was cold and rainy, so we stayed home until the afternoon when we went to the grocery store to get a few items. Hal excused himself to do his shopping and got me a cake. He asked for a birthday message on the cake, and this is what he got


     We had to laugh when we saw this. I joked that I must have been spelling my name wrong for 58 years without knowing it.

     The last surprise of the day came when I got a phone call from my insurance agent. His secretary called to wish me a Happy Birthday. I have never had something like that happen to me.

     I got a call from one of my old coworkers, and we talked for almost two hours. Many of the topics were work-related, but she knows that I have no plans to return to work if I choose, and my doctor concurs.

     Hal and I ordered pizza and spent the evening here with The Stooges. Yesterday was one of the best birthdays I have ever had without any fanfare. I heard from a few friends, no family called me (no surprise), so I consider yesterday a huge success.