MLK Day 2022 – I’m Back

     This blog post is the first one I have put any effort into for 2022. I have enjoyed my downtime away from blogging, and I look forward to resuming my writing activities. I also am thinking about creating a podcast this year.

If I am creating a podcast, I need to practice. I started using iMovie to record myself. I use this tool to talk about a random topic for a designated period while remaining on topic. If I can master this skill, I will be more likely to create a podcast after all. I started these exercises by talking for 5 minutes.

I listen to it later to see how I sound. Did I stay on topic and keep the audio clear and concise? Are there any background distractions?

     As I improve my skills, I can focus on other things, like the title of my podcast and how to find the right hosting site for me. These are significant decisions, but they don’t have to be made all at once. I am in no rush. I have as much time as I need.

     I invested in a microphone for podcasting or video chat. I purchased a Blue Yeti microphone from Best Buy.

     I immediately realized the connection between blogging and podcasting. I need a roadmap for a podcast, just like for this blog. I need the focused roadmap to keep me on topic, especially when talking. I need a script or a good outline of talking points to keep me honest.

     All of these things are on my mind since I cannot sleep due to insomnia. It’s good to be back.

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