Bad Dreams

I cannot sleep. I had nothing but bad dreams all night long when I managed to doze off. The dreams were strange and disjointed, not to mention unpleasant. They all seemed to focus on situations that made me feel uncomfortable and inadequate. These events caused me to lash out at those who wronged me.

I am going through a strange period in my life right now. It is the first anniversary of my last hospital stay, the one where I nearly died. I have talked with counselors, and they told me that it would not be unusual to have a tough time right now. That puts my mind at ease, but only to a small degree.

Not sleeping cannot be good for me. I give up on sleeping tonight, and my mind is just a mess of unwanted emotions. I wonder if this will last until the first anniversary of when I left the hospital last year. If so, that means another almost three weeks of this turmoil.