JFK and Me

     I share a strange link with John F Kennedy. I almost wasn’t born because my Mom was so upset by the news of JFK’s assassination that she nearly lost her pregnancy (me). I learned of this fact years later when I was a child.

     Mom was on the verge of being medicated when JFK was killed because she was seven months pregnant, and at 38 years old, she was in great danger of losing her pregnancy.  I am glad (obviously) that things turned out ok because I came into the world on January 20, 1964, almost two months after JFK died. I wonder how many other people can relate to my story. A worldwide event that traumatized everyone and caused all sorts of reactions.

     I wonder how many children hear the same stories if they were born soon after 9-11? The circumstances are similar. I genuinely hope that no woman miscarried because of 9-11, just like I’m glad my Mom didn’t back in November 1963.

     Does anyone out there have a similar story about themselves?

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