Thanksgiving Prep

     Thanksgiving is nearly here, and I am still deciding what to have for the traditional Thanksgiving meal. My plan to try cooking a turkey breast fell through because we don’t have the freezer space for the turkey, and the shortage at the local grocery stores killed the idea.

     My next option is salmon. I choose salmon over chicken because we have chicken so often. I will check Costco for their salmon selection to help make my decision. If salmon isn’t available or is too expensive, the nest options are a roast or pork chops.

     Storing the meat is the problem I have. I wish that we had the room for a freezer chest to store meats and buy in bulk, but that isn’t the case. If all else fails, I will get some chicken breasts and either make them for tacos or cook them in the Instant Pot with some cream of mushroom soup and veggies with egg noodles.

     The meal is only for Hal and me. I want it to be special for us regardless. I will figure something out before Thanksgiving.