A New Start

     I’ve accomplished a lot recently. Cooking was my main chore. I’ve made a pot roast in the Instant Pot, which came out delicious. Hal enjoyed his dinner, and that made my day.

     I use the term “day” rather loosely because I am usually awake late at night and crash for an afternoon or early evening nap. My circadian rhythm is out of sync right now.  I will try again tomorrow and see if I can straighten out this mess I am in right now.

     Thanksgiving is next week, and I am still debating whether to try cooking a turkey. I researched recipes on the internet. I would not use the internet to research vaccines, of course. So far, I am leaning toward cooking a boneless turkey breast in the air fryer, using the rotisserie spit. Because we have almost no room in the freezer, I won’t bother getting a turkey breast until next Tuesday. If there are none available, I know that I will not be cooking a turkey this Thanksgiving.

     I’m looking forward to the future for a change. My sense of optimism and adventure has returned. I feel I am making a New Start.