Farewell Instagram

It is time for me to leave Instagram. I don’t need the cancer of Facebook and Instagram anymore. Initially, I thought I could use IG without things turning into FB, but that happened despite my wishes. The family and friends who use IG only do so sparingly, so it isn’t like I will be losing any actual contact with them.

I won’t make any dramatic parting speech, just a quick message explaining that I am leaving, with my email address, if they ever want to get in touch again.

I see this not as an ending but as a new beginning. Much like my decision to stop posting to my blog with nothing but reposts from other sites, this decision frees me from the obligation of another social media site. My distaste for Facebook is well known, and the recent discoveries of their activities make me feel much better about my decision.

I won’t be sitting around hoping that someone finds my IG post witty or entertaining anymore. I will have one less thing to worry me.

I’ll close my IG account Monday night. As of lunchtime Monday, most of the important people have seen my message. It is up to them to respond, or not.