I’ll never have family

     Every time I attempt to reach out to my extended family, the attempt fails. It is impossible to build a family relationship where mine has existed before at this stage in my life. I don’t feel ostracized, or hated, because the lack of closeness began when we were children. Behaviors were enforced and that kept us apart.

     I am actually fortunate in a strange way. Because I was an only child, I learned to depend on myself instead of a large support group. My relatives were all parts of large immediate families, and their lives took different paths. I’m glad that I never lost that extended family closeness, I simply never had it.

I always try to make one more effort to reach out, but each time the results are the same. It’s time to move on and let this go.

My Life is worth More

I read the story about the Washington State University football coach who refused to take the COVID vaccine as required by the same university that employed him with a massive grain of salt. This story is another example of the false equivalence that the media is so fond of these days. It is a story that demonstrates the actual value of stupidity but forces us to hear the side of the terminally stupid as if it were valid. 

The coach knew the requirement to keep his multi-million-dollar job, but he refused to comply. The most hardcore conservatives always say that you “have to obey the boss,” but in this case, I am sure that they will find some ridiculous justification for his behavior. 

I find it predictable that the coach tried to justify his stupidity with a “religious exemption” from the vaccine. I don’t believe any religious exemptions should be granted in a time of public health crisis. I am tired of people claiming that their “freedom” is more important than my life. IT IS NOT! 

Writing More but Posting Less

     In a strange twist of fate, I’m writing a lot but publishing less than ever before. I feel great because I no longer feel like writing is a chore. I’m not simply responding to external stimuli. I’m doing what I want. 

The freedom I feel is exhilarating. I enjoy writing again because I am doing it for myself. I love and appreciate everyone who follows my blog, and I hope you will remain with me as my journey continues. 

I do not know if all the things I write will eventually end up here. Some are intensely personal. As I adjust to this new experience, that might change.