Just Zen

Being at peace with myself is the first step on the journey towards being at peace with the world. It is a step into the unknown, with no guidelines other than what I impose on myself. Meditation and discipline are my guiding principles.

     Each day is a new adventure to cherish. Some are good most are good, but there are some terrible adventures as well. The key is accepting each event as it happens, not trying to rush through things. Patience is a great teacher if we choose to listen.

     I know now that things are temporary in my limited view of the world. I started writing this blog post, but Jax The Cat decided to play with one of his toys. He shows up with the toy in his mouth, meowing at me. In the past, I would shoo him away because I was “busy” writing. Now, I stopped writing because Jax wanted to play. Jax is a living being worthy of attention and love. I played with him for 5 minutes, and he left as a happy cat. I know that I am also pleased and calm because of that time with Jax.

     “Zen” is a state of mind, hard to describe and achieve, but it is worth the effort for just a momentary feeling of that unique inner peace. Zen doesn’t work on a schedule. Zen doesn’t appear on demand. We must find it through patience and practice. Remember that every minute is precious. That knowledge puts me on the right path to Zen.

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