Adjusting my Blog

     One of the first steps I take to improve my life and outlook (apologies to Microsoft) is re-organizing my blog. I no longer worry about posting something every day. That just produces unnecessary pressure on me to meet an artificial deadline.

     Now I think of ideas for a blog post and put those into a “Blank” folder as blank documents. I can go back to them when inspiration strikes. I feel better controlling what I write. I can write a bit and then come back to the post later. When I finally finish, I publish it and move the document to a “Published” folder.

     My thoughts are more organized now. I predict my writing will improve because there is more time and thought in each post. I feel a sense of calm with this approach that I never felt before. This patience is a sure sign that I am onto something good.
     Taking the time to write carefully pays off by boosting my self-confidence. I feel better about what I write when I take the extra timer to get it right. I play a game, trying to make as few mistakes as possible for Grammarly to catch as I write. I know that the grammar will turn out ok in the end.

     So, all of this is how I adjusted my blog. Pretty dull, huh?

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