My Journey 14 OCT 21 – Out of Control

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     Sometimes it feels like life is an out-of-control car rushing down a twisting mountain road towards disaster with no brakes and minimal steering. I don’t like that feeling because I want to control my life and not be at the mercy of things.

     Making what seems like a simple change is more complicated than it looks. Meditation teaches me that I am in control of my life. My mind controls how I feel and react to the outside world. Changing the habits of a lifetime is not easy. Society trains us to respond to things around us. Being “in control” is not taught to children. We learn how to react to outside events. Western society keeps this training through adulthood. Social media reinforces the behavior.

     I have been a constant user of social media to react to events in the world. I need to generate calm through social media that I can reflect on the world instead. I was meditating to find inner peace and knew that social media was not an answer but a tool. I was using social media to reinforce bad habits. I will use social media now to better myself.

     I can slow the car careening down the mountain road. I am in control of it. Failing to take control is my fault, not the problem, but my response to those problems. If I cannot pass a few simple tests, then anything I wrote is meaningless.

  1. Is what I am saying TRUE? Is it something that I believe? Or is it false?
  2. Is it NECESSARY? Do I add anything worthwhile? Or am I just repeating what others already said?
  3. Is it KIND? Does what I say help others? If my words express positivity and calming thoughts, that is good. If they hurt others or put them down, I am writing to cover my problems and insecurities.

Rather than write or repost articles at breakneck speed, I will take time to think before I type. I want to feel good when I post something for a change. I am in control of my life. Deadlines are meaningless to me. I write when I think that I can answer the three items above affirmatively.

     The car is no longer speeding out of control. I am driving carefully down the mountain. I will reach my destination, but until then, I will enjoy the journey.