My Journey 12 OCT 21

     I’m awake. Insomnia happens at the weirdest times, but since I am on disability, it doesn’t wreck my days like it used to. I can just sleep during the day when I get tired now.

     One thing that I am motivated about is cooking. Since I got my new cookware set, I am focused on making meals here at home than ever before. I am planning meals to prepare and the associated grocery lists to make it happen. My cooking skills could always stand some improvement, but I do a damn good job if I say so myself.

     I will make chicken breasts marinated in homemade sauce with green bean casserole and baked beans or corn with mashed potatoes. That will give us more than enough food to get through until our next Stir Friday Night. I already have ingredients for that ready here in the freezer.

     All of this involves changing my habits. I cannot grab something while we’re out all the time. We are staying home more once again as the flu and COVID situations merge and create new hazards. I believe that the same people refusing to take the COVID vaccine will now refuse to get a flu shot, compounding our problems. We noticed the shortage of items at the grocery store on our last visit. We decided to use the curbside pickup option again because so many people don’t wear protective masks anymore when they are out in public.

     Cooking meals save us money. Staying home saves us money. Not being exposed to potentially sick people unnecessarily saves us money and health. We have each other, and that is more than enough.

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