Letting Go


     This old saying means quite a lot to me this morning. One of my extended family members decided to unfollow me on Instagram. We aren’t close, although I had hopes of establishing some type of relationship with her.

     The old saying says to let it go, and that’s what I’m doing. I don’t have any hard feelings about her decision, it was hers to make. The only difference is that I will put my feelings into words rather than keeping them bottled up.

I feel a sense of closure. Things are as they were meant to be. I’m not angry, or disappointed, honestly I’m glad that some honesty shone through. Nothing about this is personal or vicious, we all have our lives to live, and she is embarking on what I hope will be a long and happy marriage. She has new responsibilities, and since we weren’t close before, I was expendable. Again, I’m not criticizing or attacking her. I wish her the best. I just accepted that she has moved on with her life, and I’ll move on with mine. I hope we both find continued happiness.