I’m starting a new chapter on my Journey today. In addition to shutting out the world’s negativity, Hal and I are shopping for new stainless steel cookware. Shopping gives us time together, and gets us out for a few hours.

I decided on a stainless steel cookware set because I’m tired of mismatched pots, pans, and lids cluttering up the kitchen. If I can find a quality set at a decent price, I’ll buy it, but today is just exploring and finding what is out there.

I think we’ll start at Costco because we’re members, and I’ve never really looked to see if Costco has any cookware sets in our local warehouse. We’ll check Target as well as Kohl’s while we’re out later today. Walmart is the last resort, in my opinion; I wouldn’t say I like shopping there.

As far as brands, I’m leaning towards either Cuisinart or Calpholon, depending on the price. I decided on stainless steel because it is the least harmful surface. Most of the ”non-stick” surfaces have proven to be unhealthy at best and dangerous at worst. After some additional research and a disastrous attempt to clean an old stainless steel pan, I’ve found that some non-stick cookware sets are safe if used properly.

I’ll make my purchase in the next month or so. Until then, I’m able to cook with what I have. The rest of the day should be quiet around here. I’m keeping my cool no matter what.

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