Twitter Jail

When I checked my email this morning, I found out Twitter had classified me as an evil man. A few tweets offended people who don’t follow me, so they must be incredibly bored. As part of my effort to ignore the bad news from the outside world, I’m taking Twitter Jail as a lucky gift.

I went through my notices and blocked the people who reported me. I don’t need them ruining my life. I went through my complete history and deleted tweets similar to those that got me in trouble. I’m waiting to finish my sentence to tweet again, but I realize that the negative thoughts I’m trying to eliminate caused my problem in the first place.

Now I want to keep a positive outlook, even on Twitter. It won’t be easy, but I can do it. Until I’m out of Twitter Jail, I have time to myself, and I want to make the most of it.


I’m starting a new chapter on my Journey today. In addition to shutting out the world’s negativity, Hal and I are shopping for new stainless steel cookware. Shopping gives us time together, and gets us out for a few hours.

I decided on a stainless steel cookware set because I’m tired of mismatched pots, pans, and lids cluttering up the kitchen. If I can find a quality set at a decent price, I’ll buy it, but today is just exploring and finding what is out there.

I think we’ll start at Costco because we’re members, and I’ve never really looked to see if Costco has any cookware sets in our local warehouse. We’ll check Target as well as Kohl’s while we’re out later today. Walmart is the last resort, in my opinion; I wouldn’t say I like shopping there.

As far as brands, I’m leaning towards either Cuisinart or Calpholon, depending on the price. I decided on stainless steel because it is the least harmful surface. Most of the ”non-stick” surfaces have proven to be unhealthy at best and dangerous at worst. After some additional research and a disastrous attempt to clean an old stainless steel pan, I’ve found that some non-stick cookware sets are safe if used properly.

I’ll make my purchase in the next month or so. Until then, I’m able to cook with what I have. The rest of the day should be quiet around here. I’m keeping my cool no matter what.

Dealing with Frustration


I have not written in several days. I’ve been busy with everyday life. I’ve also been frustrated with the bad news we hear every day. I’m tired of media pandering to stupid people. I’m tired of idiots who refuse a vaccine to protect themselves and those around them. I’m sick of spineless Democrats who won’t stand up against republiKKKan Nazis. And I’m sick of republiKKKan Nazis.

Life is hard enough without all the shit we have to deal with from the world around us. Whenever I get myself under control, I have to start again when the outside world invades my personal space. I want to be an informed citizen, but the infoporn shit show makes it difficult to stay informed and calm at the same time.

I’ve withdrawn into myself to cope with the nonsense. Hal and I are maintaining our sanity by helping each other. We each have our escapes. Hal has his VR community where he interacts with people from all over the world without getting into politics or religion. I have my writing and music, as well as meditation, to keep the world out.

I set small goals and celebrate accomplishing them. Each month I try to finish with more left in the bank than the month before. I’ve started cooking more and ordering takeout less. I recently three out old cookware with non-stick coating after researching the effects it has over time. I still have my stainless steel cookware that doesn’t have the dangers of other cookware.

My research also showed that I need to cook at lower temperatures even if it takes longer to get the best results. These are the things I should focus on. They give me pleasure, and I don’t need the media telling me every bad thing in the world.

The next big step is not listening to the noise anymore. I’m filtering my online feeds to get rid of the bullshit. I’ve tried this before; I want to succeed this time.