I’m officially out of FUCKS TO GIVE about republiKKKan Nazi losers who refuse to listen to Science. We’ve reached the ‘Red Covid’ phase of the pandemic – CNNPolitics

In his victory speech after the 2020 election, Joe Biden said this: “I pledge to be a president who seeks not to divide, but to unify. Who doesn’t see red and blue states, but a United States.”
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STOP TREATING FUCKING STUPIDITY AS A VALID POINT OF VIEW. Opinion: Today’s terrifying Covid misinformation has a complicated past – CNN

We are living in a dangerously unprecedented moment of misinformation-fueled distrust and division about Covid-19, writes historian Nicole Hemmer, but medical misinformation — the deliberate spread of demonstrably untrue claims for politics or profit — has been a feature of life in the US throughout the nation’s history. Understanding that is key to addressing the near-total breakdown of hope for a return to normal, she argues.
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