Today’s Lesson to myself

     Another week is ending, and I’m still living my life as best I can. My journey to serenity continues, with new lessons learned each day. Some lessons are more difficult to accept than others, and some are painful to remember. Regardless of my personal feelings, life does go on, and the gift of acceptance is revealed.

     When I write to publish in my blog, I’ve learned to keep certain personal feelings to myself. My journey, like everyone else’s, is unique, and parts of it should remain private. Of course, some events are important to me, but some of those impact others, intentionally or not.

     I’m moving on from things that used to bother me. My inner struggles are my problems until I let them go. The only power they have over me is what I give to them in the first place. Sometimes I think about things that I cannot control, we all do that, but I’m learning to put those feelings behind m as quickly as possible. 

     When I woke up in the middle of the night, I thought about something that upsets me. I immediately started to meditate, and I could feel the tension and anguish melt away. I turned my focus to Jax the Cat, who was begging for my attention. I picked him up and loved him for several minutes. That simple act of love was an exercise of living in the now, one of the basic principles of meditation. I focused on what was happening to me. Instantly, I felt better.

     Living in the now is my lesson to start this Friday. Things that other people do or say only have affect me when I allow it. Today is just a continuation of my journey. I have my own memories to make.

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