Knowing my Limitations

Knowing My Limits


     One of the benefits of meditation is learning my limitations. Some things are out of my control, and most of the time, that won’t change without extreme effort. Therefore, I know to focus my attention on the things I can control.

     Each day is a new adventure and a unique opportunity to exercise my meditation skills, as well as my acceptance skills. I am so much calmer because I subconsciously begin meditating when I encounter a problem. In the past, I would let my emotions run wild, and I would end up physically and emotionally exhausted. The difference is notable! I know that I’m on the right path.

     A great quote about meditation comes in handy when people ask me about meditation. “I don’t gain anything from meditation. Instead, I lose the anger, stress, anxiety, and other toxic reactions that harm me.”

Each day is a new and unique journey, but I react to it in the same way. I am filled with wonder and gratitude for the day itself and meditating to preserve that feeling.

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