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The U.S. is the only liberal-democratic country in the world with a political system set up for two mainstream parties, a long and continuous history of union suppression, and without a major socialist party at the national level.
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My Eating Habits

My Eating Habits

I’m learning a lot about myself through meditation, including the ability to look deep inside myself objectively. Finding my inner flaws isn’t much fun, but it is necessary to make me a better person.

Because I am diabetic, I try to monitor what I eat. The inner problem that I’ve uncovered through meditation is that I overeat. Delving deeper into my inner self, I eat like I do because I feel bad about myself.

I eat when I feel lonely. I eat when I feel depressed. I eat when I’m bored. I don’t treat food as something to be enjoyed; I treat food as a security blanket to trick myself into believing that I feel good when I don’t.

Identifying a problem is one thing. Correcting that behavior is something else altogether. I must adjust my behavior and my attitude, and emotions. I must teach myself that I’m nowhere near starvation and that the “hunger” I feel is in my head. I have to find constructive ways to deal with that feeling.

I can overcome this problem now that I understand it better. Once again, meditation has helped me in ways I never imagined.

Restaurant Dining. Something we miss

Now and then, I miss eating at a restaurant. The pandemic has made the idea not just unpopular, but pardon the pun, distasteful to Hal and me. Each time we think about going to a restaurant and enjoying a relaxing meal, we remember that it is a risk that exposes us both to the virus. Dining out is an unnecessary risk, so why bother?

We have a few restaurants near us, and they are highly regarded on Yelp. Still, we cannot bring ourselves to go there and eat. We have compromised and ordered delivery, but that’s as brave as we’re prepared to be now.

Dining out used to be a part of our life. Now things are different, and there’s no way to know when we might venture out to eat again.

Knowing my Limitations

Knowing My Limits


     One of the benefits of meditation is learning my limitations. Some things are out of my control, and most of the time, that won’t change without extreme effort. Therefore, I know to focus my attention on the things I can control.

     Each day is a new adventure and a unique opportunity to exercise my meditation skills, as well as my acceptance skills. I am so much calmer because I subconsciously begin meditating when I encounter a problem. In the past, I would let my emotions run wild, and I would end up physically and emotionally exhausted. The difference is notable! I know that I’m on the right path.

     A great quote about meditation comes in handy when people ask me about meditation. “I don’t gain anything from meditation. Instead, I lose the anger, stress, anxiety, and other toxic reactions that harm me.”

Each day is a new and unique journey, but I react to it in the same way. I am filled with wonder and gratitude for the day itself and meditating to preserve that feeling.