Memories of Mom

Memories of Mom

Mom has been dead for more than twenty years, but now and then, her words of wisdom come through clearly. I almost heard her voice at the grocery store this morning. I was there picking up a few necessities to make chicken breasts with snow peas in mushroom gravy either today or tomorrow.

One of the ingredients is cream of mushroom soup. I know that I have some in the cupboard at home, but I remembered Mon saying that you can never have too many cans. Mom always said that when times got tough, you can always mix cream of mushroom soup with something to make a meal to tide you over until things get better. Wise words since I’m on disability and money can be right.

I remember cream of mushroom soup being a part of more deals than I can remember. Mom was smart. Mom was right. I’m glad I remembered Mom’s words of wisdom.

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