It’s All I Can Do

It’s All I Can Do

I lost a relative on Monday. He was part of my extended family through marriage, but he was always very kind and helpful to me. When my Mom died 20 years ago, Ron and his wife Judy (died 2013) were my anchors, along with my partner Hal.

Hal and I have ordered trees planted in Ron’s memory and signed the guest ebook since we’re nearly 800 miles away from my hometown. It’s all we can do. I’ll wait to hear from his children, my cousins.

It’s a long story. Suffice it to say that I have never been close to my cousins due to their grandmother, my aunt. That woman was the prototype bitch from hell. She hated my Dad and me. Her presence tainted the relationship with my cousins, and it never recovered.

I grieve with and for my cousins. Time will tell if we have a chance to build a real extended family relationship. The ball is in their court. I hate to see deadlines, but after Ron is buried, I don’t see any reason to try anymore. I’ve done what I could, and it’s all I can do.

8 thoughts on “It’s All I Can Do

      1. Mom was the youngest of 13. Her parents were killed in a car crash when she was 1. The megabitch aunt was more than 10?years older. Mom never fit in with her blood family, they all tried to exploit her.

      2. When I was 7 years old and said that my aunt had a nice house, the megacunt said “If your parents ever amount to anything, maybe you will live in a house like this someday.” That was the last time I set foot in her ranch-style shithole.

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