Labor Day turned out to be an emotional roller coaster. I rediscovered some old friends from almost ten years ago that had fallen out of touch. We called via IG, and everything was terrific. We hope to see them in the near future, once the pandemic is finally over. When we started talking, the years we were separated just melted away. True friends are forever.

Then the tables turned, as they often do. I found out that the last close member of my extended family passed away yesterday after a long decline and illness. I found out when his granddaughter posted on IG. I reached out right away to the kids and grandkids to offer my support, but I honestly expect to be left out. Part of this is because they will be busy enough, and also we’ve just never been close.

I’m still sad about the news. I know that it can mean the door to my extended family will close forever. I’ve learned to accept that if it happens, while I’m hopeful, I’m also realistic.

And that is why yesterday left me feeling conflicted. Gain and loss. Joy and pain. Life goes on.

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