I woke up very early this morning and almost immediately started thinking about money. Worrying about money is not unusual for me when I can’t sleep, but it is also a habit that I need to break.
     Finances are tight since going on disability, and I have made significant changes to my lifestyle. Each month I review any spending and try to find new ways to save money. So far, I have managed to cut spending dramatically.
     Tonight, I decided to look at things differently. Rather than focus on what I am worried about, I thought about what I already have; and what is already great in my life. I have the things that I need. Things I want are worrying me, which is a recipe for disaster.
     When I wake up and worry about money, I need to focus on waking up. I am alive. Stress won’t help me get through the day. Remaining calm and living in the moment keeps me centered and balanced. When I reach that state of contentment, I can face anything.
     Life is not always pleasant, but it is a lot more enjoyable than we think. We condition ourselves to find faults before anything else. While striving for perfection is a noble idea, it can make us miserable because no one ever achieves it.

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