Today is a good day to be at home. The remnants of Ida are depositing rain in the area. I don’t think we will have any really heavy rains here, at least I hope not. Regardless, this is a great day to stay at home and rest.
     I thought about things that I need to do. Luckily none of them are time-critical, so there is no pressure. My biggest challenge will be to relax and not start to elevate tasks needlessly just to have something to occupy my time.
     I will not watch the news because I don’t want to be depressed. Bad news is all I see, and I want to stay positive. There will be plenty of time to watch bad news later.

Far-Right Propagandist Turns up in Moscow After Jan. 6 | Southern Poverty Law Center

Russia Insider founder Charles Bausman traveled from his home in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, to Washington, D.C., on Jan. 6 and advanced as far as the Capitol’s balustrades after Trump’s speech, he said. Soon after, he left the country for Moscow.
— Read on www.splcenter.org/hatewatch/2021/09/01/far-right-propagandist-turns-moscow-after-jan-6