Hitting the Brakes

Hitting the Brakes

There are times when it seems like life is out of control. Events start to dictate our lives, and we find ourselves struggling to keep pace. Life feels like a car speeding out of control towards an unseen disaster. I am tired of this feeling.

It is time to start tapping the brakes on this out-of-control scenario. I have to re-assert my control before it is too late. I won’t surrender to the chaos. I’ve worked too hard to give up.

I thought about my situation and realized that, as bad as things might have been, I’m still here and still in control. I can surrender control, and I can take it back. I overcame some significant challenges; they took my focus away from the big picture. I learned from my experience, and I will do my best to avoid a repeat.

Life can, and will, get better, but the key is to slow down and enjoy life more instead of rushing from one crisis to the next. Worry and stress are the enemies. Caution and forethought see fine, but they have their place, and that place is under my control.

I don’t know how I survived without meditation in the past, but now I realize that the past is done, the future is affected by what I do now, and the best way to approach each moment is with a calm and peaceful focus. Emphasis on the now helps to keep the future manageable.

. A problem at this moment requires a few deep breaths and a calm approach to solve. Tapping the brakes on my life puts me in control, and that’s all I can hope for every day.

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