Heading for Disaster

Heading for Disaster

I’ve been totally frustrated with the failure to solve the COVID pandemic. Vaccines were developed and proven effective, but idiots refuse to take the vaccines because some online Kirin told them not to.

In the Spring of 2021, it looked like we were going to beat COVID. THEN, the totally predictable happened. A mutation of the virus occurred, and it made its way into the US. The Delta variant quickly proved itself lethal against unvaccinated people. But the idiots still refused to get vaccinated.

The vaccines we can take now were based on SARS, a virus that had occurred years ago. Because CIVUD was so similar to SARS, the development time was shorter. But the idiots still refused to get vaccinated. The number of cases began to climb.

Political ideology played a role in this pandemic. RepubliKKKan Nazis refused to acknowledge the problem when they were in power until it was too late. When republiKKKan Nazis lost power, they blamed the pandemic on everyone but themselves. They even pushed people to NOT get vaccinated and turned this into a political issue, rather than a public health issue.

RepubliKKKan Nazis wanted to lift restrictions that were effective against COVID. They care more about money and power than people’s lives. “Reopening” was the catchphrase. Sadly, reopening coincided with the Delta variant and the people refusing to get vaccinated.

Today, the Delta variant is raging through the country, especially the South. Common sense preventative measures are attacked as “limits on freedom”, which is absurd. Hundreds of thousands of people gathered in Chicago for a music festival. A few weeks later, the predictable surge in infection happens. Hundreds of thousands of people gathered in Sturgis for a biker rally. That event is winding down, but it isn’t hard to predict what will happen in 2-3 weeks.

What will happen when tens or hundreds of thousands gather for college football games? Take a guess. It won’t be pleasant.

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