I am embarrassed to be an American right now. I watched the scenes from a school board meeting in Franklin, Tennessee, and I could not believe what I was seeing. Adults, some of whom were parents, flying into a red-faced, foaming-at-the-mouth rage over their children wearing masks to protect them from COVID-19.

     Sadly, we all know that republiKKKan Nazis have politicized the pandemic to preserve their political power. To user children as pawns in their game doesn’t surprise me. These are the same type of people who sacrificed children in Newtown, CT, to protect their precious guns.

     Every time I think that these people can go no lower, they surprise me once again. When I watched the video, I was despondent. This behavior is not how a civilized society behaves. This country has surrendered any premise of moral leadership we once had. The republiKKKan Nazis have stripped us of our dignity and laid bare the most disgusting aspects of humanity.

     I am embarrassed to be an American right now.   

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