Free from Twitter stupidity

A Stronger Sense of Freedom

A few people contacted me asking how I felt about my permanent ban from Twitter. I told them I feel fine. The algorithm Twitter uses to make these decisions is flawed.

Basically, Twitter suspended me for two tweets in response to other users. The first response was Georgia Senator Warnock supporting his call for voting reform against republican Nazi tyranny. I tweeted in reply, “Kill the Filibuster.”

According to Twitter, I literally threatened to kill someone named “ the Filibuster.” The algorithm fails to read context.

The second tweet that got me permanently banned responded to a story about a religious minister who denied COVID was real and died from it. I replied, “Be Stupid. Due Stupid.” I won’t even try to figure out what went wrong here, but those are the tweets that got me permanently banned from Twitter.

I appealed the banishment, but Twitter refused. I walked away with a clear conscience.

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