Obstacles are what we climb over


“Obstacles are what you climb over” is an old saying that applies to my life right now. Finances are tight, but this is the obstacle I’m climbing over at this time. Being disabled, either temporarily or permanently, is no fun. Bills still have to be paid or arrangements made. Lethargy is the enemy I have to fight.

One of my old coworkers said just the other day that I must enjoy all this free time. I didn’t want to discuss the subject, so I agreed with him and let the topic die. He has no idea what my situation is, and he doesn’t need to know. I know that the real reason he contacted me in the first place was to gather information on when I might return to work and to satisfy his ghoulish curiosity about how I am coping.

The last two months have been tough; there’s no doubt about it, but rather than feel sorry for myself, I am using the adversity to challenge things in my life. I’m streamlining everything, eliminating things I don’t need, and focusing on the necessities of life.

I’m climbing the obstacle now. Soon it will be behind me, and I’ll be a better person.

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