A Strange Dream

I woke up this morning after a bizarre dream. I was at work in the office, and there was a reorganization taking place. People were being assigned new desks and moved from one location to another. The only consistent thing I noticed was that each move pushed me into a smaller and smaller space. Eventually, I was forced out of the office altogether, but no one heard my protests.

To give perspective, I have been on disability all year after my hospitalization most of the last quarter of 2020, and my recovery takes priority. I cannot help thinking that this dream is a warning that the company is preparing to part ways without letting me go officially. I am slightly disappointed but not surprised at this. I believe that the dream is nothing more than a wake-up call to prepare to move in with my life.
I gave the company 15 years of my life, so to be unceremoniously dumped is not what I expected, but I was a fool to believe that anything other than this could happen. The signs have been in plain sight for some time; I just ignored them.

If I do not go back to work for the company, I had a great 15 years. I also recognize that I was always just a part of a machine and that they could replace me. My life goes on with or without the company.