Rude People


Everyone has a pet peeve. Mine is people who cannot keep their word about a commitment. When I give someone a promise to be somewhere at a certain time, I usually show up 15 minutes early just to be sure that I am on time. If I am delayed for any reason, I make every effort to contact then person/s I was supposed to meet ton let them know what has happened.

Apparently, I am a social outcast. I find myself waiting on people all the time. And this predicament isn’t limited to social events, because we simply aren’t having social events now; this is happening with professional meetings. People who should know better are behaving like they are in junior high school. Can no one act professionally, or at least like a responsible adult?

When I have to deal with people on the West Coast, there is a three-hour time difference to contend with all the time. I get annoyed when I try to accommodate people by scheduling something after normal working hours. When they don’t show up without an explanation or excuse, I wonder how they keep their jobs. When the offender is from corporate HR, I really have to wonder what the hell is going on.

Obviously, I am writing this as I wait on a phone call that will probably never happen. I told them that I would be available at 2000ET/1700PT because there were busy and unable to meet in the morning. The phone call is actually very important to me so I will wait a while longer before I give up. Of course, I called at 2015/1715 but got no answer. If they have forgotten about the call and left for the weekend, it will be something I will bring up with my supervisor on Monday., Normally I would contact HR, but…….

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