Rude People


Everyone has a pet peeve. Mine is people who cannot keep their word about a commitment. When I give someone a promise to be somewhere at a certain time, I usually show up 15 minutes early just to be sure that I am on time. If I am delayed for any reason, I make every effort to contact then person/s I was supposed to meet ton let them know what has happened.

Apparently, I am a social outcast. I find myself waiting on people all the time. And this predicament isn’t limited to social events, because we simply aren’t having social events now; this is happening with professional meetings. People who should know better are behaving like they are in junior high school. Can no one act professionally, or at least like a responsible adult?

When I have to deal with people on the West Coast, there is a three-hour time difference to contend with all the time. I get annoyed when I try to accommodate people by scheduling something after normal working hours. When they don’t show up without an explanation or excuse, I wonder how they keep their jobs. When the offender is from corporate HR, I really have to wonder what the hell is going on.

Obviously, I am writing this as I wait on a phone call that will probably never happen. I told them that I would be available at 2000ET/1700PT because there were busy and unable to meet in the morning. The phone call is actually very important to me so I will wait a while longer before I give up. Of course, I called at 2015/1715 but got no answer. If they have forgotten about the call and left for the weekend, it will be something I will bring up with my supervisor on Monday., Normally I would contact HR, but…….

Choose Happiness that is Real

Set Your Standard

One lesson I’ve learned through the years is not to measure my success against other people. Life is a different journey for each of us, and we are all individuals capable of making our way forward.

It is so tempting to emulate someone who we believe is successful and happy. The truth is, it’s impossible to fully know what someone else has gone through and if they are truly happy or just pretending.

We must learn to be happy within before we can be happy for the world to see. We must learn to be satisfied here and now, not hoping for happiness after some future event.

Happiness is a choice. We all can choose to be happy because we all have the free will to do so. Don’t let others determine how you feel; that’s not their job. Maintain your boundaries and care for yourself first.