When we thought things couldn’t get any weirder or more stupid, along comes Tennessee. I find it hard to believe that even a state like Tennessee could be so impaired to stop requiring all vaccinations for children and even stop encouraging them to get vaccinated in the first place!

Our country is on the verge of chaos. Conspiracy-theory lunatics pass their shit off as facts to an increasingly gullible public. Truth and facts are becoming endangered species, especially in Tennessee, where ideology is more important than children’s health and well-being. I suppose the idiots who support this nonsense never got polio or smallpox vaccines in their life, among other medically proven vaccines that save lives.

The longer people who believe conspiracies over facts, and religious bullshit over science, remain in power, the more danger this country faces. When we see things like this happen in other parts of the world, Americans tend to think, “that can never happen here, but it is happening here and now, in places like Tennessee,

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