Cutting Back

Cutting Back

After a suggestion from Hal, I decided that I would seriously cut back on mat diet soda intake. I started this effort almost a week ago and am pleased to report that I am limiting myself to only 4 per day, with the next goal of only 3 per day soon.

I wasn’t sure that I could do as much as I have, but Hal has supported me. I do feel better, and I am pleasantly surprised to not have the jitters from caffeine withdrawal. Cutting back on soda and caffeine was long overdue as I try to get healthy once again.

I am obviously drinking more water. I’ve also started drinking more drink mixes, particularly lemonade that have low amounts of sugar in them. I am starting to sleep a bit better by taking a bottle of frozen water to put on the bedside table so I can have cold water if I wake up in the middle of the night. 

I know that none of these things would be possible without the peace of mind that meditation has brought into my life. Without the4 constant pressure and stress, I can make decisions more clearly and with less effort. My blood pressure is lower, I feel better, my blood sugar is within normal range again. I attribute all of these things to meditation.

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