Vaccines and Booster Shots

Vaccines and Boosters

There has been a lot in the news recently about vaccines and booster shots. I trust the SCIENCE more than fucking retarded morons who claim that vaccines are evil.

I was at the pharmacy today and I asked about my vaccine and booster status. Thankfully, I’ve already had my two Pfizer COVID shots. I’m stunned that so many people are refusing to protect themselves and everyone they love



As I work through the latest in my semi-annual periods of reflection, I’m also making preparations for the future. This catharsis is good for my overall health. Those things that I don’t need or use are removed while new pursuits and projects take their place.

I’m deliberately taking the worry out of my life. When I start to feel anxious it stressed, I now know to start meditating and breathing exercises to start in control of myself. I’ve faced many difficulties over the last six months, and I’ve successfully coped with them all.

As things settle down and come into focus, I can set aside more time for things like learning guitar at my own pace. I can continue with yoga and meditation as well. I set time aside for guitar practice today, and it felt enjoyable rather than a chore.

I am amazed at what I can accomplish when I’m not trying to achieve what others think I should.