Life is full of setbacks. I had one just now. I was cooking chicken breasts when I suddenly noticed a rotten smell coming from the chicken. The first thing I did was stop cooking the chicken, and then threw it and the accompanying mushroom soup, peppers and onions, and noodles into the trash and then took the garbage out to the dumpster.

The next thing I did was take off the clothes I have worn while cooking and throw them into the washer to be cleaned separately. Then I took a nice long shower to get that awful smell off of me. The last thing was to wash out the Instant Pot and spray Lysol around the kitchen.

In the past, an episode like this would have made me furious with the world. Not anymore. I’ve learned to control my emotions rather than letting them control me. I remained calm throughout the trouble earlier today, and as a result, I’m relaxed and calm.

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