A Lesson I Learned

As I started meditation while I was in the hospital last year, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Would meditation help me deal with my health issues and the resulting stress and anxieties? I shouldn’t have worried because meditation has helped me.

One of the first lessons I learned remains one of the best. I share it and hope it helps.

We all love blue sky. It makes us feel good. If we were to use blue sky as a substitute for our minds, blue sky represents calm and peace. No stress or worries. Happiness and Peace.

However, the sky isn’t always blue. Our minds aren’t always at peace. We face troubles and tribulations, the sky turns dark.

Now our minds become a dark place. Negative thoughts change our mood. Sometimes it seems that we’ll never have blue skies again. We become depressed.

There’s a secret that we overlook. If we picture our mind as the sky, we miss something extraordinary.

If we fly on an airplane, we rise above the clouds. Remember that in your mind, the blue sky is always there. We just have to rise above the turmoil to see that blue sky is always with us.