Finding What I Need

Finding What I Need

We spend so much time looking for something we feel is missing from our lives. We seldom stop to wonder if we already have what we seek in our lives but just can’t find it for all the clutter and baggage that holds us back.

It isn’t easy to tell the difference sometimes because we fail to look within ourselves first. I have had a problem with other people I want to call “friends,” but they don’t seem to understand what friendship entails.

Recently I reached out to three “friends.” Not one of them has responded. I used to get so depressed when things like that happened until I realized that I actually have everyone I need right here with me. I don’t need to stress over other people anymore.

This lesson was hard to learn and accept, but it was worth it. All the energy I used wondering why I didn’t have something prevented me from seeing that I had it all the time.

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